Who will star in the new indiana jones movie?

The plot of “Indiana Jones 5” has been kept secret. As with the other newcomers, their roles have been kept secret.

Who will star in the new indiana jones movie?

The plot of “Indiana Jones 5” has been kept secret. As with the other newcomers, their roles have been kept secret. Everyone's favorite cloak and sword archaeologist returns to the big screen in the upcoming fifth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise, which began pre-production in December. The sequel unofficially known as Indiana Jones 5 will bring back Harrison Ford as Dr.

Henry “Indiana Jones”, with franchise creator George Lucas on board as executive producer. Director Steven Spielberg won't be behind the camera, however, as he turns around Logan director James Mangold. The Daily Mail has released the first collection of photos in the collection, including Harrison Ford in the iconic leather jacket, Mads Mikkelsen in character and more. Spielberg was behind the scenes in the previous four films, at least two of which have been of fundamental importance to American cinema.

In an interview with HeyuGuys, Ford preached caution and due diligence when making another Indiana Jones film. As for the content of the story, franchise producer Frank Marshall previously indicated that the fifth film will be a continuation of the events following Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, rather than any kind of reboot or prequel. One thing that has also been confirmed is that we will not see Ford's iconic character die. The only confirmed cast member so far is Ford, but Indiana Jones' next adventure will likely be his last performance as the character.

As for who will pick up the hat after Ford, Spielberg said it's time for the character to take “a different form, and expressed a willingness to cast a female lead in the lead role. Karen Allen also indicated that she hopes to have a role in the new film for her franchise character, Marion, who appeared in both Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Crystal Skull. Williams will seek to replicate the success he had with the first three Indiana Jones films, which each won Academy Award nominations for their score. That streak ended with the much-maligned fourth film, which did not receive a nomination.

While opinions are quite aligned on what the worst Indiana Jones movie is, the first film in the franchise, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the third, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, are largely considered to be the highlights yet. Indiana Jones 5 will be the first Indiana Jones film not directed by Steven Spielberg, although he is still involved in the film as a producer alongside Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall. The news was confirmed by Indiana Jones 5 director James Mangold and producer Frank Marshall, who shared images on social media to celebrate the moment. While Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull left fans a bit of a bad taste in their mouths, the hope is that Indiana Jones 5 can rekindle some of the original love for the franchise.

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