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Indiana News delivers stories on issues impacting the state, nation and world. Subscribe to our daily rundown to stay on top of the latest stories.

Latest Indiana News

Indiana News

Indiana News delivers stories on issues impacting the state, nation and world. Subscribe to our daily rundown to stay on top of the latest stories.

The campus community of IU Bloomington, or "B-town," is home to a lively culture that includes an extensive list of clubs, organizations and sports teams. IU Women of Influence celebrates the achievements of women leaders in business, philanthropy, government and the arts.

IU Bloomington

Indiana University Bloomington is a world-renowned campus with an impressive collection of historic buildings. It is home to IU’s School of Art, Architecture + Design and the SGIS (School of Global and International Studies), among many other academic departments and programs.

Its rich history and stunning scenery have been cited as one of the most beautiful college campuses in the country. It’s a place where students and faculty come together to study, create, and connect.

IU is an exceptional, disciple-making institution dedicated to academic excellence and inspiring others to follow Jesus Christ. It offers a variety of degrees and a unique seminary experience centered around local church ministry in action. It is also a leader in test-optional admissions. This allows students to pursue their passions without being limited by a test score.

IU Women of Influence

IU Women of Influence spotlights 15 snapshots of IU women's experiences and contributions. It also asks essential questions about their lives and how they tapped opportunities, confronted barriers, and forge networks of support to achieve their goals.

One player that stands out from the rest is senior guard Yarden Garzon. Her first taste of IU basketball made a big impression on her, and she was instantly drawn to the team's welcoming atmosphere.

The Israeli native is halfway around the world from her family, and it's been difficult to miss them while adjusting to life in Bloomington. But she says her teammates and coaches always cheer her up. And she's grateful for her new-found friends. She even flew to Oklahoma during IU's holiday break so she could see her sister, Lior.

IU 250

IU Health has secured new funding commitments to support its efforts to serve a growing number of patients facing behavioral health challenges. The investments continue to advance IU Health’s nonprofit mission to provide clinical care, research and education as Indiana’s most comprehensive healthcare provider.

During the pandemic, IU Health operated critical vaccine clinics to help protect the state’s population. IU Health worked closely with other health systems and partnered with private and nonprofit groups to develop masking campaigns, vaccinations and educational messaging to keep people healthy.

Shrivastav said the additional staffing is also expected to help improve IU’s research productivity. IU is classified as an R1 institution, which means it has the highest research activity in the country.

Daily Rundown

The Daily Rundown is a one-stop shop for the latest news and events around Indiana. Designed to keep you abreast of the latest developments in your area, this weekly report combines the best of IBJ's award-winning coverage with relevant stories from other major news organizations across the country.

The Daily Rundown is a must-read for anyone who lives or works in central Indiana. You'll find everything from local art to emergency alerts, government meetings and police reports in one convenient place. The Daily Rundown also has a number of special features and sections. The most important of which is the IBJ Tech Center, a home for the latest technology and innovations in business, government and education. You'll also find the latest in health care, local arts and entertainment.

IDS Basketball

The Indiana Daily Student is a student-produced independent newspaper that covers IU and Bloomington news, sports and entertainment. It is distributed Monday through Friday and is a great source for breaking campus and IU sports news. During the basketball season, the IDS also releases a Daily Rundown to keep you up-to-date on the day's top stories. If you're looking for information about IU basketball, check out the IDS Basketball section of the website for game-level stats and player level statistics. The IDS Basketball Game In Progress folder contains Real Time Data fields from the All Sport 5000 that provide game-level stats including clock time, team names, score, timeouts, period, possession arrow, bonus indicator and fouls. Additionally, you can find home and guest in-game player 1-5 number, roster player 1-15 stats, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals and hustle information.

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